True-Life Stories of God’s Provision Through You! July/August 2020

More Than Nothing

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” — Romans 12:2a (NIV)

Malcolm never thought he was “conforming” to the world. Where he grew up, the worst thing you could be called was “normal.” Normal meant boring or square. Normal meant being like everyone else in society, working 9 to 5, going nowhere, being nobody. “I wanted no part of that life,” he says. “I wanted to be something special. And in my neighborhood, special meant fast cars, flashy jewelry—and selling drugs.”

From the age of 16, that was Malcolm’s life. “I conformed, but I conformed to my world,” he says. “And I really believed I was something special.” For 10 years, Malcolm got lost in a cocaine addiction. “Thing is, I didn’t know how to cope with ‘normal,” he recalls. “I tried to keep up the lifestyle and started partying. As long as I stayed high, I could keep pretending I was special, better than everyone else.” But by his early 30s, he looked around and all his friends were dead or in jail.

Then Malcolm’s mom died. She had always been his best friend—his anchor. When he lost her, life didn’t make sense anymore. “My addiction grew out of control,” he says. “I started losing jobs. Friends and family didn’t want me around. I became homeless, and I got more and more depressed and angry. I hated who I’d become.

Malcolm knew he needed help, so he turned to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. “Coming here, I knew I had a second chance,” he says. “For the first time in a long time, I had hope."

It was in New Journey, MRM’s recovery program for men, that Malcolm started reading the Bible and learned of God’s love for him.

“That’s how I met Jesus Christ, my Savior. When I surrendered my life to Him, He gave me hope. Then I was able to deal with the mess of my life, which was me, and I found a whole support system to keep me on the right track. The people here showed me how to live for Christ, and they helped me mourn my mother. Everything changed.”

Today, Malcolm says he is clear-minded and a whole new creation.

“Thank you for supporting the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Because of you, I learned that I am a redeemed child of God!”

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Radical Love

by Patrick H. Vanderburgh, D.Min. President

Throughout history, caring, compassionate and courageous men and women have risen up in times of crisis and massive challenges. They have served those who are sick, suffering, hungry and homeless—and often put their lives on the line to do it. Whether they know it or not, they have reflected the image of our loving, caring God.

Over the past few months, I have seen that same kind of radical love and sacrificial service every day at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. The power of a community coming together to love and serve “the least of these” is extraordinary.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” —Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV)

From government health officials serving the public, to local businesses that have called to ask, “What can we do?” Despite risks to their own health, our amazing staff has never complained. They’ve simply rolled up their sleeves and said, “Let’s get to work.” I’ve seen bold, courageous volunteers step up when we needed them most. And even the hurting men, women and children we serve have gone out of their way to tell us how grateful they are for all we’re doing.

But I think God’s faithfulness has shown brightest in this community through caring, generous people like you. Time and again, you have stepped up your financial support. And more than that, you’ve sent notes of encouragement, asked how we are doing and prayed. Whenever we’ve shared a need, our community of friends—including you—has stepped up to meet that need.

Thank you for being God’s servants—and our partners—in these challenging times!


Patrick H. Vanderburgh, D.Min.